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If Obama is a Terrorist, then McCain is a Warlord

I served in the military for 6 years and don’t take lightly to the ubiquitous and inappropriate use of the word “terrorist”.

Wing-nuts keep referring “Obama’s long-standing ties to terrorists and political extremists.” They are sadly ignorant. The Weathermen were active when Obama was 8 years old. Is everyone else who served on boards with Ayers a terrorist supporter?

If so, then let’s look at McPalin’s terrorist links:

McCain Campaign Pals Around With Militant Activist Schenck

McCain attended fundraiser for domestic terrorist

McCain linked to private Nazi group in Iran-Contra case

McCain a traitor – gave captors secret info that caused U.S. pilot deaths

McCain’s buddy G. Gordon Liddy encourages radio listeners to shoot ATF agents in the head

McCain pals around with 1960s radical — love those psychedelic 60s.

Palin’s Pals – Domestic Terrorists — how she got her start.

The Palins want Alaska to pull out of the U.S. — I call the treasonous.

McCain is also a traitor and a backstabber because he does not support veterans. I have another list of links demonstrating that, but enough already for one blog.

Veterans for Obama 2008!


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