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Powell Endorses Obama; Al Qaeda Endorses McCain

Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Al Qaeda has endorsed John McCain.

The terrorist organization has determined that John McCain would be the best U.S. president to lead our country further into economic decline. Opinions were posted on several Al Qaeda web sites.

Remember when the right-wing lied about Al Qaeda endorsing John Kerry four years ago? They were outraged at Kerry. So, how do they feel about McCain securing this endorsement? (And this time, it is in writing.)

A vote for McCain = a vote for Terrorism.


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Obama Gets the Hat-trick — even according to Fox News

Fox Poll Obama with 86%

Fox Poll Obama with 86%

According to the poll on the Fox News site, 86% of Fox News viewers think Obama won last night’s debate!

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If Obama is a Terrorist, then McCain is a Warlord

I served in the military for 6 years and don’t take lightly to the ubiquitous and inappropriate use of the word “terrorist”.

Wing-nuts keep referring “Obama’s long-standing ties to terrorists and political extremists.” They are sadly ignorant. The Weathermen were active when Obama was 8 years old. Is everyone else who served on boards with Ayers a terrorist supporter?

If so, then let’s look at McPalin’s terrorist links:

McCain Campaign Pals Around With Militant Activist Schenck

McCain attended fundraiser for domestic terrorist

McCain linked to private Nazi group in Iran-Contra case

McCain a traitor – gave captors secret info that caused U.S. pilot deaths

McCain’s buddy G. Gordon Liddy encourages radio listeners to shoot ATF agents in the head

McCain pals around with 1960s radical — love those psychedelic 60s.

Palin’s Pals – Domestic Terrorists — how she got her start.

The Palins want Alaska to pull out of the U.S. — I call the treasonous.

McCain is also a traitor and a backstabber because he does not support veterans. I have another list of links demonstrating that, but enough already for one blog.

Veterans for Obama 2008!

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